Professional Regulation Commission

The Professional Regulation Commission was first created as a national government agency by Presidential Decree (P.D.) No. 223 dated June 22, 1973, signed by then President Ferdinand E. Marcos. It was previously called the Office of the Boards of Examiners created by Republic Act No. 546 on June 17, 1950, under the Civil Service Commission (CSC).


The Professional Regulation Commission is the instrument of the Filipino people in securing for the nation a reliable, trustworthy and progressive system of determining the competence of professionals by credible and valid licensure examinations and standards of professional practice that are globally recognized.


To deliberately, scientifically and consistently determine the competence of professionals through the provision of professional standards and judicious issuance of professional license.

P – rofessionalism and Integrity
R – esponsibility, Unity and Accountability
C – ompetence and Excellence

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