December 2012 NLE Story I - Only Daughter's Story

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  • Friday, November 30, 2012
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  • We have interviewed a nursing examinee.

    Before the December 2012 NLE, Joan said she decided to sit the Nursing exam when she saw how challenging this particular part of the schedule was for herself.

    ''Everybody has to make decisions about their schedule, about me taking the exam and nursing review and NLE trips and that sort of thing,'' Joan said before the December 2012 NLE. ''In my case, this month I've had 11 review classes, after today. We've had an eight-day class and a ten-day class, and we're ending it with four reviews here. I think it'd be unwise to be studying without sleep in that kind of a situation''

    Her mom is very supportive of her taking up the December 2012 NLE. Especially now that 4 of her brothers are now licensed Nurses but currently unemployed. Her mom said that maybe her only daughter will be lucky enough to be employed when she becomes a Registered Nurse.


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